100mm Knotted Cup Wire Brush

100mm Knotted Cup Wire Brush

HAWK is a professional leader China 100mm Knotted Cup Wire Brush manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. We supply HAWK® 100mm Knotted Cup Wire Brush with high quality and safety performance. We devoted ourselves to wire brushes more than 25 years, covering most of Europe and the North Americas, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa market. We are expecting become your long term and professional partner in china.

Product Detail

100mm Knotted Cup Wire Brush


1. Product Introduction

This HAWK® 100mm Knotted Cup Wire Brush is the high quality,long lasting aggressive brushing capability and good safety performance, to follow EN1083-2H standard faithfully. It was made up withcold rolled coil + tempered carbon steel wires or stainless wire.We devoted our selves to wire brushes more than 25 years,covering most of Europe and the North Americas,South America,Southeast Asia and Africa market. We are expecting become your long term and professional partner in china.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)  


Knot number


Wire size


22 knots (Type A no bridle)






26 knots(Type B with bridle)

3.Product Feature And Application

HAWK® 100mm Knotted Cup Wire Brush is installed on the hand tool of the angle grinder to polishing and rust removal for metal surface,The internal construction of the brush is solid, with high-quality steel wire/stainless wire, and our reasonable technical structure ensures the users’ safety and ease of use (stable dynamic balance).

4.Product Details

HAWK® 100mm Knotted Cup Wire Brushfor high-speed angle grinder, the filled wire is available made of carbon wire, stainless wire,brass coated wire.

5. Product Qualification

100mm Knotted Cup Wire Brush has been awarded the certificate for ISO 9001 and 14001.

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

We shipping the goods as you requested, by ocean or by air.

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