The Application Areas of a Wire Wheel Brush

- 2022-08-09-

The wire wheel brush can be used in various aspects, mainly in the following aspects.

Wire Wheel Brush for Bench Grinder

(1) The wheel brush can finish the metal surface before and after processing of galvanized, tin-plated and cold-rolled sheets.
(2) Remove chamfers and burrs after machining.
(3) Improve the parts of refrigerator compressors and air conditioner compressors.
(4) Treat the surface of copper and aluminum coils.
(5) Remove the dirt from the copper plate in the electronic circuit board.
(6) Remove the burrs from the processing of automobile gears and engine parts.

(7) For the cleaning of military weapons.

(8) Treat the outer surface of woodworking and three plywood, or perform special processing on the surface texture of fine furniture wood.

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