How to deal with the problem of wire wheel brush wear

- 2022-08-22-

Any grinding wheel has its certain wear and tear requirements, and if the wear reaches a certain level, it must be replaced with a new wire wheel brush. In order to save materials, it is not necessary to use excessive wear and tear, which is a very unsafe and illegal behavior. It is generally stipulated that when the grinding wheel brush is worn to a diameter that is 10mm larger than the diameter of the chuck, a new grinding wheel should be replaced. When the wire wheel brush is spinning, the same force will cause the weight of the grinding wheel to pull the wheel away from the center of rotation.

100mm Crimped Wire Wheel Brush for Bench Grinder
The fact that centrifugal force does not increase in proportion to the increase in velocity, but instead increases as the square of the increase in velocity, leads to danger. When the chosen speed is doubled, the centrifugal force is quadrupled. This effect means that relatively small changes in velocity can lead to large increases in force.