Definition of wire brush

- 2021-06-09-

Wire brush is a kind of wire brushes with different wire diameters selected for different purposes. There are two types of wire: straight wire and corrugated wire. The thickness of the wire can be determined according to different needs. There are two types: straight wire and curved wire.

Straight wire is suitable for drilling and tufting. There are many brushes, such as wire cup brush, wire wheel brush, plank wire brush, wooden handle wire brush, disc wire brush, etc. The application range of curved wire is basically every type of wire brush. It can be used, especially the spring wire brush roller must be curved wire. If straight wire is used, it is impossible to be standardized and neat after the wire is folded in half, and the curved wire can relatively match the nearby brush wire due to its own curvature. In this way, the steel wire folded in half cannot be seen even if it is asymmetrical and inclined slightly, and the surface steel wire of the brush roll formed in this way is more dense, strong, and resilient to rust removal.