Advantages of wire brushes

- 2021-06-18-

Wire brush products are made of high-quality steel wire and thickened to overcome the weak points of being not durable and ordinary replacement. They are widely used in ships, vehicles, rubber and plastics, aircraft, petrochemical, metallurgy, defense, construction, installation and other industries. It is the ideal tool for removing rust, sanding, polishing, napping, and removing paint on a large area of metal bodies.
The wire brush is used for polishing, decontamination, rust removal, and deburring, and it has a better effect on removing stains, carbon scale, surface rust and paint on the welding surface. During use: ① The diameter of the steel wire does not exceed 7 inches. ②The length of the wire determines its degree of grinding. ③The wider the brush surface of the wire wheel, the greater the friction. ④The higher the number and density of wires, the faster the cutting and brushing speed. ⑤Generally, the speed during work is lower than the safety factor of the wire wheel, so that the service life of the running machine and the wire wheel will be longer. It saves power and at the same time improves the working speed and efficiency.

In industrial manufacturing, normal operation of the machine is the fundamental guarantee for production. When the machine is running, all kinds of garbage will appear. At this time, brushes must be used to clean all kinds of debris to make the production proceed in an orderly manner. The brush roller is an advanced technology product that uses brushes.