How to clean the wire brush

- 2021-06-18-

After a long time of use, the wire brush will become dirty. How to clean it to increase its life?
First, rinse it with warm water, then dry it with a dry towel. Do not wipe it against its hair when rubbing again, otherwise it will easily fall off. Then put it in a ventilated place to dry, and don’t expose it to the sun. Exposure to the sun will make it easy to shed hair.
In the steel industry, the material of the wire brush used to clean the steel plate must have hardness and corrosion resistance. Therefore, a material containing silicon carbide is usually added to nylon to make the texture harder. Can resist corrosion, how to clean and protect a wire brush like this?

Rinse with clean water first, because there will be a lot of wire foam on the wire brush, you can add an appropriate amount of cleaning agent when rinsing with water to wash off the wire foam on it, then use a small brush to gently scrub, and then use Wipe it with a dry towel and dry it in a ventilated place. The wire brush will be as clean as new, which also increases its lifespan.