Process characteristics of wire cup brush

- 2021-06-22-

Wire cup brushes are widely used in industries such as ships, automobiles, and construction and installation. It is a good tool for large-area rust removal, paint removal, burr removal of metal and non-metallic materials, welding seams, and welding surface stains and carbon scales. The following wire wheel brushes, twisted wire wheel brushes and curved wire wheel brush manufacturers will talk about the process characteristics of wire cup brushes.
Encrypted durable steel wire
The wire cup brush is made of dense steel wire, which is not easy to break and is durable. The surface is used for decontamination, rust removal, sanding and deburring, and effectively improving the working speed when cleaning.

Selected high quality steel wire

The wire cup brush is made of copper-plated steel wire as a whole, with high hardness, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and durability.
Double laminate process
 The wire cup brush adopts double-layer pressing, which is stronger. The double-layer pressed steel wire is stronger.