Wire wheel use method and parameters.

- 2021-06-28-

1. Outer diameter of steel wire wheel
The use of wire wheels In general, the larger the diameter of the brush, the better the efficiency that can be obtained. For the safe use of portable electric and pneumatic tools, the diameter of the brush should not exceed 6 inches.
2. Trimming length of bristles (silk)
The short length of the bristles (filament) increases the hardness of the bristles and improves their grinding ability. The longer the length of the bristles (filaments), the weaker the grinding force of the bristles, the less the wear on the workpiece, the more flexible the work can be handled.

3. The width of the working surface of the wire wheel

The wider the brush surface of the wire wheel, the greater the action friction. Therefore, the motor and horsepower for rotating the brush wheel need to be improved accordingly.
4. Filling density of bristles (silk)
The density of bristles (filaments) is based on the surface area of the brush. The higher the number and density of bristles (filaments) in each flat area, the more obvious the effect of cutting and brushing.