Application of different kinds of steel wires in steel wire wheels

- 2021-06-28-

Steel wire is not only an important material in the construction industry, but also one of the indispensable tools for steel wire brushes. Steel wire is an important brush-making material. As an important branch of brushes, steel wire brushes have a wide range of applications. As an important polishing brush tool, wire brushes are mainly used for decontamination, rust removal, grinding, deburring, and polishing of metal surfaces, and can also be used for removing residues, grinding, and polishing on non-metal surfaces. It has good polishing effect and efficiency High, low cost and other characteristics, widely used in automotive, aviation, machinery, shipbuilding, construction, petroleum, chemical, electronics, furniture, jewelry processing and other industries.

The steel wire used to process wire brushes is divided into carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire, copper-plated steel wire, stainless steel wire, etc., and stainless steel wire has 201#, 206#, 304#, 316# and other labels, which are selected for different purposes. The type of wire used to make the brush can not only play a good effect, but also avoid unnecessary waste. For example, 201# steel wire is easier to rust after being immersed in water; 206# stainless steel wire has much stronger toughness than 204#, so it is suitable for special treatments such as scratches and basic principles on the surface of aluminum strips in aluminum factories, or used in plastics and wood Deburring, etc.; 304# stainless steel wire is considered a relatively high-quality steel wire, and its usage is relatively large among stainless steel wires. It is not only strong in toughness, but also resistant to acids and alkalis, and is suitable for steel plates, mining, and machinery manufacturing industries. It can be used to remove rust and oil on the surface of steel; 316# stainless steel wire, as a relatively best steel wire, is only used under some special requirements.