The application of wire wheel brush in industry

- 2021-07-03-

Curved wire wire wheel brushes are generally used in four categories in the industry, which boil down to one point, in order to obtain the required surface finishing of the workpiece. Therefore, the main task of the curved wire wheel brush is the surface processing of the workpiece. Let's take a look at the four categories in detail:

Satin finish: Satin finish is the process of using a soft and fine polishing brush to brush the surface of the part into a matt satin diffuse reflection layer, which can make the surface of the part obtain a non-mirror-like shining luster.

Surface cleaning: It is mainly used to clean the oxide scale, rust, old paint layer, welding slag and other dirt on the surface of the part with a curved wire wheel brush. It is also used to brush away the floating dust remaining after the part is eroded.

Silk pattern brushing: Use a curved wire wire wheel to brush a certain regular and fine silk pattern on the surface of the part, such as: wave pattern, fish scale pattern, etc., in order to achieve the purpose of decoration.