Wire Wheel Brush Features And Parameters of Wire Wheel Brush

- 2021-08-11-

Wire Wheel Brush Features
1. Wire Wheel Brush has good resistance to acid and alkali, good resistance to chemical and organic solvents, without damaging the light solubility of the original surface, and low water absorption of the bristles. It is suitable for grinding under wet and dry conditions.
2. Wire Wheel Brush has high durability, strong and tough bristles and long service life.
In industry, Wire Wheel Brush is generally used in four categories, which boil down to one point, in order to obtain the desired surface finishing effect of the workpiece. Therefore, the main task of Wire Wheel Brush is the surface processing of the workpiece.Here's a look at the four categories:Satin decoration,Surface cleaning,Silk Brush,Burr removal.
Parameters of Wire Wheel Brush
1, Brush diameter
In general, the larger the diameter of the Wire Wheel Brush, the better efficiency can be obtained. In order to safely use portable electro-pneumatic tools, the diameter of the Brush should not exceed 6 inches.
2. Trim length of bristles
The short bristles enhance the hardness of the bristles and improve their grinding ability. The longer the length of the Wire Wheel Brush, the weaker the grinding force of the Wire Brush, the smaller the wear force on the workpiece, and the more flexible the work can be handled.
3, brush working face width
The wider the Brush surface of the Wire Wheel Brush, the greater the friction, so the motor and horsepower to turn the Brush Wheel need to be increased accordingly.
4, bristle filling density
The higher the density of the Wire Wheel Brush, the better the effect of cutting and brushing.