How to Select The Wire for The Wire Wheel Brush?

- 2021-08-12-

Wire Wheel Brush has high durability, strong and tough bristles and long service life. Bristles of high strength, good strength, hyperboloid, concave and convex surface, all kinds of appearance can be fully uniform grinding. Abrasive wire is a kind of abrasive material widely used in brush industry in recent years.
Wire Wheel Brush installation: According to the width of the surface, the Wire block is mounted on a shaft and positioned using a locking ring for easy and quick assembly. The interchangeable wear-resistant steel wheel is very convenient and allows the user to replace it on site, so the cost of replacing a single brush set is very low and the machine's downtime is kept to a low limit, which is more economical to save. Because of the need to wear the entire shaft into a share of the steel wheel, thus reducing the inventory of traditional products.
The Wire Wheel Brush body is easy to install, brushes are easy to quickly replace, and there are many types of Brush data for you to choose from.
Wire Wheel Brush uses a wooden or plastic Brush body, and then uses a machine to drive hair into the Brush body. The brush can be easily replaced without disconnecting the shaft by a structure that allows the shell brush block to be fixed to the tubular brush body. Flocking brush body is equipped with through shaft or end shaft journal.
How to select the Wire for the Wire Wheel Brush?
The focus of Wire Wheel Brush is on the Wire. If you want to choose a good Wire Wheel Brush, you must work hard from the Wire. Maybe many people don't know how to choose the Wire Wheel Brush. Below, let's briefly introduce it to you!
1. Look at the package logo. Generally, there is a label on the outer package of steel wire, and the wire diameter and mesh number can be realized by looking at the outer package mark through the process.
2. Look at the roughness outside. The mesh number of the wire is used to indicate the grit of the grinding sand, the larger the particle size, the smaller the value.
3, Suitable for the industry. Each industry needs the kind of steel wire is the same, so as to distinguish.
4. Look at the color. Metallic wire does not add any dye, so the wire is its own color.
5. Look at the samples. Can first through the sample experience steel wire knowledge.