How to install and use wire wheel?

- 2021-09-02-

Installation of steel wheel
1. When loading and unloading the steel wheel, the power or air source of the main engine must be cut off first.
2. The protective cover shall be firmly installed to prevent scrap metal from splashing onto operators or others.
3. Place the cam flange on the power shaft, insert it into the steel wheel, tighten the nut with a special tool, and note that the cam flange faces the steel wheel, and the tightening direction of the nut.

Use of steel wheel

1. Please use the specified safety mask for operation, wear protective work clothes, safety mask and protective gloves.
2. Check whether the main machine (pneumatic, electric) solid, portable grinder and the supporting steel wheel model are consistent.
3. Please use it within the allowable safety factor and linear speed range of the steel wheel.
4. When the steel wheel is newly installed, it shall be idly rotated for 3 minutes in order to throw away the remaining broken wires around the product. It shall not be impacted by excessive force in use, but maintain a long service life to avoid danger.