The application field of the wire wheel brush

- 2021-09-14-

Steel wire brushes, especially steel wire brush rollers, are usually used in steel or aluminum surface treatment plants. It is installed on a full-automatic high-speed brush polishing machine (brush polishing machine) by a series of stainless steel wire brush rollers. The steel wire brush roller rotates at high speed on the upper and lower surfaces of the strip in the direction opposite to the movement of the rolled piece to brush off the iron oxide scale. The brushed iron oxide scale shall be washed off by closed circulating cooling water flushing system. Generally, the thickness of coil wire is 1.09-6.35mm, and the renewal cycle of wire brush is to renew every 20000 t thin plate or 40000 t steel coil produced.

Stainless steel ultra-fine elastic steel wire brush is specially used to clean ceramic anilox roll, because the hardness of ceramic is much greater than that of steel wire, and the steel wire brush will not damage the ceramic layer on the roll surface of anilox roll. Ultra fine elastic copper wire brush is a common and necessary cleaning tool for cleaning chrome plated metal anilox roller and gravure plate roller. The effect is better when combined with cleaning agent.

The common specification is 6 * 14 or 5 * 14 holes, and the steel wire material is 304 stainless steel wire or ordinary steel wire. Each hole is usually 5 folded implants, and the extension length of steel wire is about 20mm. The brush made of ordinary steel wire is easy to rust without use, which is much different in quality from the wood handle steel wire brush made of 304 stainless steel wire.

Steel wire pipe brush is generally used for cleaning, derusting, polishing and cleaning of industrial pipes and mechanical screw holes. The pipe brush process is made of steel wire or stainless steel wire clamped between two or four strands of iron wire and twisted mechanically