The introduction of the wire cup brush

- 2021-11-20-

Wire wheel brush is a kind of brush that selects corresponding models of steel wires for different purposes and different steel wire diameters. Steel wires are divided into straight wire and corrugated wire. The thickness of wire can be determined according to different needs. Straight wire and curved wire.

There are many straight wire wheel brushes suitable for drilling and hair planting, such as wood wire brush, wood handle wire brush, disk wire brush, etc; The application scope of curved wire is basically applicable to each type of wire brush, especially the spring wire brush roller is not curved wire. If straight wire is used, it is impossible to standardize and tidy the steel wire after folding in half, and the curved wire can be relatively consistent with the nearby brush wire during manufacturing due to its own curvature, so that the folded steel wire can not be seen even if it is asymmetric and slightly inclined, In addition, the steel wire on the surface of the brush roller surrounded by this is more dense, strong and has large rust removal elasticity.