How to deal with wire cup brushl fading?

- 2022-06-16-

Wire brush, generally made of galvanized steel wire, with the oxidation of galvanized layer, wire brush from white bright color gradually dim, until rust red, scrap. As long as the galvanized layer is thick, the discoloration will be delayed, and the service life of the wire brush will be prolonged. At present, there seems to be no stainless wire brush. wire burhs is widely used, manganese phosphating coating wire rope and steel strand are steel wire products. The main reason why wire Cup Brush is black is caused by oxidation of steel surface and air. My advice is to soak the Wire Cup brush in hydrogen peroxide or 84 disinfectant for 10 minutes before using the wire. This will soak off the oxide layer, and then rinse it off, so it's ready to use.

wire cup brush